Our Exciting Caribbean Product Range

At Uncle Ron’s, we have a variety of appetising Caribbean patties and meals to offer. Each meal consists of well-cooked meat and an aromatic range of herbs and spices that will enchant you all the way back to the colourful and groovy streets of Jamaica where the fusion of street food kicks in.

Jerk Chicken Patties

When we talk about the Caribbean, how can we not include the classic Jerk flavour? In this patty, we use succulent chicken which is paired with jerk seasoning to give you a spicy and sour kick.

Curry Chicken Patties

Everybody’s favourite and the safest flavour of a menu, chicken! What hunger can chicken not fulfil? Our succulent chicken pieces are mixed with secret herbs and spices to give you an exotic experience.

Mutton Patties

Calling out all juicy mutton lovers. This patty is a treat to one’s mouth, packed with marinated mutton, a special mix of herbs and a hint of some veggies. It’s a classic for all meat enthusiasts.

Curry Beef Patties

This patty gives out a strong aromatic taste of well-cooked curry with chewy beef. All neatly filled in a flaky golden crust. The perfect on-the-go snack for people with a strong preference for food!

Salt Fish Patties

Saltfish and Jamaica go a long way back. Salted fish is cooked with an assortment of fresh vegetables and seasoned with mixed herbs and Uncle Ron’s selection of spices. It is all neatly tucked in a flaky golden crust.

Vegetable Patties

If you want to take a break from all the meat madness, then have a bite of this patty made from a wide blend of vegetables and aromatic herbs and spices. A classic treat and break from meat!

Made With 100% Halal Ingredients

We deeply respect the concerns of our Muslim community hence the meat used in Uncle Ron’s Caribbean food and patties is 100% halal meat with the use of all other halal ingredients as well for our product range.

Our Exciting Caribbean Ready-Made Meal Range

Our ready-made meals include Curried Chicken & Rice, Curried Beef & Rice and Curried Mutton and Rice. They will effortlessly remind you of the meals cooked at your homes, giving out a fresh and unique taste in each bite!

Curry Beef And Rice

Strongly cooked curry with juicy beef and vegetables. It has a powering scent of spices and is paired with pearly white rice. The ready-made meal is served best when heated well, having no compromise on the sharp taste.

Curry Mutton And Rice

Well cooked curry in succulent mutton, spices and vegetables with a mix of exotic herbs. It comes with a side of pearly white rice boiled to perfection. The ready-made meal is served best when warmed well, having no compromise on the taste and freshness of the ingredients.

Curry Chicken And Rice

This dish would bring you memories of your home-cooked meals. Aromatic chicken curry in a medley of spices with a side of pearly white rice. It’s comfort food for the soul. The ready-made meal is served best when heated well.