A Taste Of The Caribbean

Caribbean Patties are the heart of Jamaica and the surrounding countries in the Caribbean. They reflect the classic street food of the region. Minced meat and vegetable fillings with spices, tightly sealed in a golden flaky pressed crust. The patties Baked to perfection, the perfect munch amidst work and leisure!

About Us

Uncle Ron’s Caribbean food and especially the ever famous Caribbean patties, cater for all age groups, gathering family and friends to the table. They are a treat to tastebuds of any age group. They are the missing piece on your table, who doesn’t enjoy a quick munch before digging straight into main courses? The fun munch size patties are a family favourite, uniting people in and out of the Caribbean.

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Made With Fresh Ingredients

Our ready-made meals and patties are made from the safest of ingredients and halal meat. We ensure that the livestock we use is kept in a clean environment. Each food item and patty has meat that is cooked to perfection and paired with the freshest of vegetables. Onions, tomatoes and other such vegetables are diced and added to the patties and meals

Our Product Range

We strictly prioritise the strong quality of all the meat, vegetables and spices used in our food. Our vegetables are freshly stocked and each of them is carefully rinsed before cooking or mixing them in. Our patties and ready-made meals are free from any stale or poor ingredients. Each Caribbean dish from Uncle Ron has only a burst of flavours to offer, each flavour tempting you with a charm of it’s own. Our wide range of flavours gives you the liberty to try experiencing each exciting flavour, both with and without meat.

Our exciting Caribbean patty flavour range includes:

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Made With 100% Halal Meat & Ingredients

We deeply respect the concerns of our Muslim community hence the meat used in Uncle Ron’s Caribbean food and patties is 100% halal meat with the use of all other halal ingredients as well for our product range. We hold a halal certification by the Mosque for this matter. We ensure the venture is kept both halal and hygienic to serve our Muslim community and the rest of the people with the most delightful Caribbean patties and meals across the West Midlands and the United Kingdom.

Exciting News: We Are Now SALSA Approved!

We are thrilled to announce that our company is now SALSA approval, a testament to our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of food safety and quality. With this prestigious certification, you can trust that our products are produced in accordance with rigorous industry regulations, ensuring the utmost safety and quality for our customers. Explore our range of delicious products with confidence, knowing that they meet the stringent requirements of the SALSA standard.